Healthy what is it? 

What’s your healthy? What does healthy mean to you? 

Everyone seems to have a differant definition of what healthy is, and how to become healthy. There are even some people that judge others based on what their healthy looks like.. 

For me; healthy starts inside yourself and shines through youre body. 

For me;healthy is eating a balanced diet, treat yourself or you will be miserable. Don’t be afraid to sit on the curb and eat a poutine. 

For me;healthy is exercising but having fun doing so, dance parties walking in the beach. 

For me;healthy is having a happy, content, stable mental state. Even if that means crying at the movie you’ve seen a million times or an episode of Ellen.  

For me;healthy means having relationships that are positive, people that make you laugh and bring out the best in you. 

For me;healthy is being proud, confident and believing in yourself. Pushing yourself to be better, whatever that is even if it’s just waking up on time for the 3rd day in a row. 

Everybody’s healthy is differant. Healthy leads to YOUR happiness don’t let anyone define youre HEALTHY. 

April 2nd Autism Awareness.  

The love I have for you is forever unconditional. You give me so much inspiration, the best nephew I could ever have. 

Autism Awareness April 2nd, let teach others how to be more aware, more knowledgeable, non judgemental, love with an open heart and to laugh laugh alot. 

#autism #nephew #auntie


Hey guys, and gals I am back. I’ve been so busy with school, placement and family. Just wanted to leave a little blurb, as I reflect on the week. 

You used to build me up, the only person I could count on. I thought forever you were the one that dragged me out of the darkness, all along it was me. Now that I’ve gotten my own flashlight and know how to navigate better then anyone. Now that I am stronger then ever, I’ve noticed maybe I was saving you the whole time. You drag me down, beat me up and take me for granted these days… it’s my fault as I realize I’ve let you do this the whole time. Time, passes and I don’t know how long this will last. I am stronger and more confident then ever, I know this will kill you.. murder, but I can’t watch my heart bleed.

The only thing keeping me around is love, I love you.. sadly I don’t like you anymore. You’ve changed or maybe I was just to blind to see it before. You looked like superman in cape, you were just a villain looking for an escape. Maybe I should have looked deeper then your face. 

#love #breakme #run


You never do know the battles people are fighting,  what was said to them by others or even by themselves leaving the house, what side of the bed did they wake up on…. 

We need to start being nice to people. Remember the saying “don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Stop talking our bad days, bad moments, bottled up anger out on everyone else.

Some people just need a little sunshine with their rain. 

Say hello, give a wave. Doesn’t hurt to smile at people even if they growl, smiles are intoxicating. 

Marianas Trench <3

BIG SHOUTOUT to the band that guided me, inspired me, gave me strength and a million things to relate to throughout my childhood and teenage years.. And even to this day.

All of the songs, hit my heart in so many ways. They are not only lyrically brilliant, they beat and instrumental music is phenomenal.

They also help out organizations EVERYWHERE, as you notice in their new song Who Do You Love.

Let me share with you some of MANY lyrics, that carry me home, and healthy.

I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines.
Maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want.
And I still have your letter just got caught between
Someone I just invented, who I really am and who I’ve become. – Good To You

And I thought you’d feel the same as me
It’s time that I come clean, but
But for now can we just both pretend to sleep
Sometimes the one you want is not the one you need – By Now

All my indecision
All of my excess
Don’t you ever tell me I’m not lovin’ you best
I just need a minute
I just need a breath
You’re very hard to drink to my continued success- Sing Sing

When you’re overwhelmed and you’ve lost your breath
When the space between the things you know is blurry nonetheless.
When you try to speak but you make no sound
And the words you want are out of reach but they’ve never been so loud – Beside You


Push yourself 

As I am in my third semester, attending school and doing my placement has really pushed me… outside my comfort zone, through my anxiety and made me more confident. 

Pushing yourself to achieve what you thought was unachievable feels amazing!

Talk to you guys soon, inbetween the busiest of adventures. 

Netflix – The Colony

Here we go again since I received a lot of likes and comments about my last neflix review… 

This show is filled with excitment starting with the amazing actors that are in it. (Josh Holloway) from lost, Laurie from the walking dead (Sarah Callies) and from CSI (Paul Guilfoyle).  

I am not one for si-fi flicks but this has an astounding amount of drama and mystery which leaves you staying up late when you need to go bed. Just one more episode… it will have you constantly wondering what’s happening next and what’s really going on. 

#netflix #colony #addicted 

Neflix- The OA 

Here’s the thing, I don’t usually do show or movies reviews, reviews for anything actually. Butt…

I just got done watching the netflix original show called The OA. It has got to be one of the most moving, captivating and inspiring show I’ve seen in a very long time. The energy that bring people together is astounding. The mystery, and emotion and drama has you sitting at the edge of your seat. 

When I first read the caption and even watched the first episode of this show, I was confused and tuned off but the more I watched the more compelling it got. 

I hope people give this show a chance, with an open mind. They may find something to relate to even… And boy will you find a million metaphors and reasons to keep watching. 

A little bit of help. 

People want and need things? Some people expect things to be handed to them, even though they can do it themselves. I hear the complaints all the time..  You are in charge of your own happiness, you create your own happiness, so just do it.  

Okay okay. Yeah I am a bit of a hypocrite, sometimes I can’t even get out of bed and force myself to get ready for the day and expect myself to be happy.. or wait expect breakfast to be feed to me and clothes put on my back. 

Feelings, emotions and mood change day by day hour by hour. I always need to motivate myself to get things done even if there small things, I feel much better when I get things done. Don’t find excuses.. Let’s motivate eachother. 

Beating the bully.

I just need to say I am so SICK of bullying, bullying is everywhere. In elementary school, high school, private school and every workplace. Or hey just walking around Walmart. What is with people being so soon to judge, what is with people that just cant get enough!

Bullying in schools can be devastating for young kids, well kids of any age really. The Netflix movie Girl Like Her, is a must watch. Kids need to realise the consequences of their actions, not just from the parents and the principals but from the kids they are hurting.

It’s truly sad, that we are never ever REALLY going to be able to stop and control bullying. With the bully parents, the bullied becoming bullies, the bullies that are making up for how they feel about themselves, the bullies that think its funny, the TOO cool TOO honest bullies, its never ending cycle of MEAN.

We hear from the people that say don’t be so sensitive, don’t take it personally, just ignore them. I am 100 percent for STANDING UP TO THE BULLY, tell your parents, tell your teachers, your health and wellness is more important then being a tattle tail. Schools only last so many years..
#bullying #standup