ALOT ALOT has happened to me in this past year or should i say for me I’ve finished school, got the job of my dreams, cleared alot of negativity out of my life and started living a TRUE healthier lifestyle.

I say true because I’ve stuck to it, eating cleaner and healthier then I ever have, losing weight week by week and feeling more energetic then ever. Which has been a part of my mental health battle for as long as I can remember. Learning to love myself no matter what size I am, and realizing skinnier doesn’t mean happier. Loving myself for who iam, being myself and living positively. I’ve climbed out of my comfort zone professionally, physically and socially. I am feeling more and more greatful everyday.

I’ve been battling my mental health forever now, it’s finally getting easier and less of it feels like work. Don’t get me wrong I have bad days, but I don’t make 1 bad moment make a bad day anymore. Believe me and believe in you, it gets better and easier the more you work at it, the more you look into yourself and start becoming mindful of your mental health “triggers and trauma”. Give yourself a chance, go on and do it. Even if it takes you a year take that year and work on you!!! You are the most important, you deserve it. The people that love you will support you.. the ones that leave well,they probably suck anyway. OR maybe they have some figuring out to do too. ♡♡♡

#mindfulness #bpd #selfcare #anxiety #change

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