Resiliant. ♡

I’ve gotten through things in the last year, that would have set me back and I probably wouldn’t have gotten through it. I’ve learned that survivors, mental health persevers and people that have gone through shit time and time again are resiliant. MY STRENGTH, my trauma has made me RESILIANT! I walk with a bullet proof vest, feel the pain, heal, grow and move on. Doesnt mean I dont feel it, and drown in my tears, because i do. I breathe, heal and live and let go. That’s the differance between me and them, the ones that haven’t been through all I have.. I know that it will be okay because I’ve been through worse and only get stronger. I’ll stand by you and remind you that you can get through it too. You too can be resiliant, you too can obtain a bullet proof vest and walk through the bullets. The end is near, the pain you feel.

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