I hope you start to heal, I can see it on your face the pain you feel. You are not alone in this mess, just another one of those tests. It takes courage and it takes strength to face. It’s time to stop beating yourself up, starting building yourself up. Living in the past is effecting your future. If this weight your holding is to much to carry, as for a hand I know it’s scary. You will find a peace of mind, a relief, a rest someone else can also take on this test. Don’t be ashamed, we are all the same. Everyone has demons in their brains.

Tears are medicine, don’t be afraid to let them fall. You should know those tools, you have them all. You will find what gets your heart beating again, because you are worth it, you are beautiful and you deserve it. Things happen for a reason, even those bad things, they make you stronger. As you walk your journey you will realize you are right where you are ment to be, you just have to open your heart and you will see. “The strength was always inside of me”.