Some people don’t realize that just because we arnt in a whole in the ground and dont “look like” we have an illness doesn’t mean it’s all gone away.

We try, we try very hard everyday to shake, the demons and most of the anxiety away. We still have our bad times, and some times even worse then that. We just get up and give ourselves a pat.. we don’t let ourselves constantly become victims again we become victors again…

I beleive in you as I beleive in me, you can rise again and stop sinking in the sea. Reach up, and out and inside yourselves beleive that there is better for yourselve. Everyone has there days when they feel in a haze, don’t let it get the best of the best you.

Don’t stop beleive. You’ve got a reason to live again.

Remember we may have once been victims but now we are victors!