All on you

There is no change, unless you choose. Sink or swim, either way its you that will win or lose.  When it comes down to it, i am a strong believer in the ability to change, get better and move on BUT it all starts with you!

I have made tremendous changes in my life. I have battened the hatches and suffered through many long therapy talks that once wouldn’t have not happen, because i would have never stepped foot in that office. I decided that i control my own future and i want to feel better, i had to make choice to get better. I had to take medication at the start and gave up about a million times, but i did it, I’ve even been medication free for about 2 years. Don’t get me wrong though, there are many many days i still struggle, and need to stay in bed, or make up for my impulsive decisions, and explain to loved ones that i don’t really want to push them away.

It’s always going to be a work in progress, there would be no progress if i didn’t decide that my happiness and my life was worth the work. I didn’t do all this work for nothing, and i believe everyday ends and everyday gets betters. Keep keeping on, and don’t be afraid to ask for support when needed or sleep all day if you need to be refreshed.


Essential life. 

My life with essential oils has grown very strong since I first posted about it. I am even a monthly product buyer to get extra points.  I’ve gone from 2 oils to 10 oils or so and I still have a list of them I want. 

They have truly changed my life from allergies to sleep to having more energy and getting rid of stress. 

I take a shot of lemon pepermint and lavender to clear my allergies. Serenity to sleep, which is amazing. I’ve used the peace and cheer rollerballs to deal with my moods. Grapefruit, lemon and smart and sassy in my drinks for food craving. 

LOVE LOVE ESSENTIAL OILS. Such a great choice to start using them. 
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