Pains and Gains. 

Havnt written in, way to long. Finishing my semester, killing it at placement and looking for a job has been keeping me busy and when not busy in bed dreaming  

Trying to get a 4.0, make connections and be the top dog in a highly competitive world is busy.. hard.. lonely.. motivating.. and when the world knocks you down man do you feel like taking a nap, calling it quits. 

I am sure every 23 year old or you know any age really feels like they are never going to get where they want to be, never going to have an extra dollar after paying the bill, oh and eating and having a phone so you know those company’s/bussiness’s out there can get a hold of you when you get the jobs 50 people applied for. 

Work through all the pressure, work through all the stress and always get stronger, better, smarter. You know I’ve noticed how much it revolves around the connections and the people you know. Go out there volunteer, get to know people. 

Goal is to Never have to introduce yourself! 

Healthy what is it? 

What’s your healthy? What does healthy mean to you? 

Everyone seems to have a differant definition of what healthy is, and how to become healthy. There are even some people that judge others based on what their healthy looks like.. 

For me; healthy starts inside yourself and shines through youre body. 

For me;healthy is eating a balanced diet, treat yourself or you will be miserable. Don’t be afraid to sit on the curb and eat a poutine. 

For me;healthy is exercising but having fun doing so, dance parties walking in the beach. 

For me;healthy is having a happy, content, stable mental state. Even if that means crying at the movie you’ve seen a million times or an episode of Ellen.  

For me;healthy means having relationships that are positive, people that make you laugh and bring out the best in you. 

For me;healthy is being proud, confident and believing in yourself. Pushing yourself to be better, whatever that is even if it’s just waking up on time for the 3rd day in a row. 

Everybody’s healthy is differant. Healthy leads to YOUR happiness don’t let anyone define youre HEALTHY.