Marianas Trench <3

BIG SHOUTOUT to the band that guided me, inspired me, gave me strength and a million things to relate to throughout my childhood and teenage years.. And even to this day.

All of the songs, hit my heart in so many ways. They are not only lyrically brilliant, they beat and instrumental music is phenomenal.

They also help out organizations EVERYWHERE, as you notice in their new song Who Do You Love.

Let me share with you some of MANY lyrics, that carry me home, and healthy.

I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines.
Maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want.
And I still have your letter just got caught between
Someone I just invented, who I really am and who I’ve become. – Good To You

And I thought you’d feel the same as me
It’s time that I come clean, but
But for now can we just both pretend to sleep
Sometimes the one you want is not the one you need – By Now

All my indecision
All of my excess
Don’t you ever tell me I’m not lovin’ you best
I just need a minute
I just need a breath
You’re very hard to drink to my continued success- Sing Sing

When you’re overwhelmed and you’ve lost your breath
When the space between the things you know is blurry nonetheless.
When you try to speak but you make no sound
And the words you want are out of reach but they’ve never been so loud – Beside You


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