A little bit of help. 

People want and need things? Some people expect things to be handed to them, even though they can do it themselves. I hear the complaints all the time..  You are in charge of your own happiness, you create your own happiness, so just do it.  

Okay okay. Yeah I am a bit of a hypocrite, sometimes I can’t even get out of bed and force myself to get ready for the day and expect myself to be happy.. or wait expect breakfast to be feed to me and clothes put on my back. 

Feelings, emotions and mood change day by day hour by hour. I always need to motivate myself to get things done even if there small things, I feel much better when I get things done. Don’t find excuses.. Let’s motivate eachother. 

6 thoughts on “A little bit of help. 

  1. That was me Saturday. I didn’t want to do anything. The hubby was working so I was left all alone. I have no idea what inspired me but I just started cleaning. The house needed to be cleaned it was long overdue. Then yesterday when my back hurts I realized it was because I used muscles I hadn’t used in forever. 😂 For me I find I do better when I don’t overthink it. I can get lost in my head very easily and blink and a whole day has passed by. Got to get up and move.

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      1. I can relate to that. I even joked that that’s why I don’t clean often. Because I get manic and can’t quit. But boy does it feel good when it’s done. Now if only it would stay that way 😂


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