Beating the bully.

I just need to say I am so SICK of bullying, bullying is everywhere. In elementary school, high school, private school and every workplace. Or hey just walking around Walmart. What is with people being so soon to judge, what is with people that just cant get enough!

Bullying in schools can be devastating for young kids, well kids of any age really. The Netflix movie Girl Like Her, is a must watch. Kids need to realise the consequences of their actions, not just from the parents and the principals but from the kids they are hurting.

It’s truly sad, that we are never ever REALLY going to be able to stop and control bullying. With the bully parents, the bullied becoming bullies, the bullies that are making up for how they feel about themselves, the bullies that think its funny, the TOO cool TOO honest bullies, its never ending cycle of MEAN.

We hear from the people that say don’t be so sensitive, don’t take it personally, just ignore them. I am 100 percent for STANDING UP TO THE BULLY, tell your parents, tell your teachers, your health and wellness is more important then being a tattle tail. Schools only last so many years..
#bullying #standup

4 thoughts on “Beating the bully.

  1. I am with you on this one. I was bullied all through high school and I still feel insecure about myself sometimes because of it. People don’t see it as a “real problem”, but it is.


      1. I know, like we were the ones in the wrong… Helloooooo!
        Oh well, in the end the bullies end up in a crap life and I have somehow evolved my mind (let’s just not burst my bubble on this one… for now, ok? :p)

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