This is a day to encourage people to talk and to listen. Most importantly open up, don’t be afraid to be yourself. I hope people take the time to read what people share today, read it with an open mind with no judgment. 

For us the poeple who live with mental illness everyday.  Fighting our demons in our heads,  in the mirrors, in the media, in our familis,  communities and friendship. It’s time to take a stand, we are not our illness our illness may be a big part of us but it does not define us. 

I have been fighting the great battle of Borderline Personality Disorder and have been since I was 13 years old. Which is a hard pill to swallow and I mean it, the amount of medication I was put on was disgusting. Some medications do help, and I support the people that are trying them out because sometimes our heads need a little help. I want to clap my hands for being med free for 2 years I worked steady on my Dialectical Behaviour Therepy and it has been so helpful. It look me along time to work on it at first I fought it, now I couldn’t be more stable and happier. It’s and constant work in progress… 

Don’t anyone feel the battle has beaten them, sleep it off and keep fighting back. 

You can do it! 

Id like to thank the people that support me; 

My sisters that tell me I am the strongest person they know, they are so proud of me. My parents that love me unconditionally and are there for me no matter what. Brian for showing me how to trust someone, and to be loved and treated like any women should be. I thank you for everything that you do for me. Thanking the people that support you the most is an important thing you can do. Sometime it’s not easy helping me out and having to deal with my unstable emotions and impulsive decisions. 

#bellletstalk #bpd #fighter #mentalhealth 

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