No phone zone. 

So every since I’ve started into my 3rd semester of school I’ve decided to have a no phone zone. Which is after school, after homework and after dinner I have an hour and a half without any technology.  No phone, laptop or tv. I’ve been finding it helping my strain of my eyes of coarse and my mental health. I usually do things like;

  • Colour in a colouring book. 
  • Read a book, an actual book made of paper. 
  • Write on actual paper. 
  • Stretch and do a little yoga. 
  • Go for a walk. 
  • Make a cooking recipe that I usually wouldn’t because I have the excuse of no time. 
  • Go visit a family member I have not seen in awhile, this Christmas everyone in my family pretty much said oh we have seen you in ages. And this is totally unlike me I am a big family gal. 

Sometimes I find it a little hard to pack the technology all away but I commit myself to and I feel better.  In the future the time span may get longer and longer.

Enjoy the simple things in life. 
#nophone #notechnology

16 thoughts on “No phone zone. 

    1. Thank you, I will definitely take a look at this post. And this photograph is just a theme from WordPress, it changes all the time I think. Its just one of the options under design and themes. I am using the phone App version.

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  1. I landed here. Just stopped by to thank you for your recent follow on Shift Key and peruse your site. Well done; fine writing. I love tech; I was a “geek” before the word was invented – yet I wholeheartedly agree – there has to be down time. Odd thought: the likelihood of there being computers or electronic in heaven are slim to none. They won’t be needed. I enjoy your writing very much.

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  2. This is actually a great idea. And it’s very important because people completely miss out on the world around them. There’s so much beauty everywhere if only we look.
    I wish everyone would urge themselves to do this and not lose to technology.
    Thank you for putting this up.

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  3. Kenzieeguinn,
    May you have great success in your third semester! Cellphones have become a maddening distraction within learning institutions. Oftentimes, the owners wear headphones, but the volume is too high. And then there are phone conversations made public. Yes, shutting the phone down for awhile is a great idea if everyone agrees to do the same thing!


      1. I think there are people today who make themselves prisoners of technology which makes for a narrow vision of what living life is about. No phone zone is an encouraging blog.

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