Is this the end or just a continuation.  

I lay here looking at the begging of the rage of new years resolutions, and think that most of them are not stuck to. As well as who says you can’t begin your path in July.  So I sit here and remind myself that there are alot of things that should just stay the same, that I should keep on rockin and some things that I should improve or dedicated more time to. 

  1. LET’S JUST GIVE MYSELF A HUGE PAT ON THE BACK. I have completed my first year of college, which was a rocky, sloppy road. I not only completed it i freaking rocked it. In which I have never committed myself to anything like this due to my unstable mental health! So codos to me.
  2. I am greatful for plenty of things this year,  the biggest one being the support of my father, step-mother and my boyfriend. 
  3. I had 2 things happen to me this year that have changed me forever and has made me realize my strength. Losing a dear family friend and my grandfather within a few months of one another.

Things I want to work on in 2017:

  • Eat better! Which is probably on everyone’s list. 
  • Be nicer to myself.  
  • Dress better.
  • Learn more recipes. 
  • Complete my year of school with great grades. 
  • Hangout with my family as much as I can. 
  • Laugh, laugh alot. 
  • Take more time for me. 
  • Be a better me. 

      #newyears #newyou


      Christmas is differant without you, as we all suspected it would be. While we all tell each other memories that makes us all laugh, there is a silence from us all as our hearts cry out but we promised we wouldnt make it about sadness.  You would love to see us all together laughing and telling stories, which you loved to observe. You always brought us all together. We cannot let your non physical presents keep us from coming together.  We have to noticed the shadow sitting beside us. Christmas like many other times will never be the same, but we will remain… together. 

      Tis the season.  

      With the school “break” starting in 2 days after my last exam, sitting here thinking about all the things I need to do this season for Christmas and get reading for next semester in January.Sure doesn’t sound like a very restfull break.

      Check list: 

      • Get textbooks for next semester
      • Get timetable for next semester 
      • Unorganize this semesters things 
      • Organize next semesters things 
      • CHRISTMAS shopping 
      • CHRISTMAS baking 
      • CHRISTMAS parties 
      • CHRISTMAS visiting 
      • CHRISTMAS everything else

      Just blasted the carols while doing everything the more festive it feels. With the tree up, decorated and lights around the house. Starting to feel like christmas.  


        My head is the only place you exist. 

        Maybe I am asking for effort that is impossible. 

        Maybe I can’t see clearly because you are standing in the way.  Nothing remains the same. 

        Show me something that I want to see, show me the effort, show me the future the way you want it to be.