Head space today.  

My answer when people say oh you should be looking at all those things to be greatful for. 

It’s hard to be greatful for things when it’s impossible to see things postivly.When you are in a hole dug so deep, you probably dug most of it yourself but no doubt there’s been others with shovels. Today I am not seeing and feeling thankful for the shoes and clothes on my back, when I open my eyes it’s all black. I haven’t made my way out of my mind today, I haven’t even looked in the mirror I wouldn’t even see it clear, am I even wearing anything? who cares I am going back to sleep… 
#madness #mentalhealth

3 thoughts on “Head space today.  

  1. Don’t allow people to police how you feel. Ever. I swear it only hurts more. Positivity is amazing, but sometimes it’s far away and you have to make due with what you have. That’s okay too…

    Barely there…

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