Little beings

I am an aunt, an aunt that will be there every day, every time you need anything.  

I look at the both of you as my eyes well up as you smile at me and mutter something that sounds like aunty, and I just get such a happy feeling. I wish I could just be in this moment forever. You two make me a better person, give me motivation and inspiration, I can’t wait to have my own one day, but right know I just want these moments.  

Watching you two learn one thing to the next is astounding. Through your struggles you have come so far.  You both always find away to laugh it off. Mr wildness and Ms sassness.

To the warrior, the fighter, the most supportive caring mom, my sister. You push me to better myself, seeing the strength you have. Always having such a positive outlook on everything little man has been through. I can see you in his eyes, he knows how much you love him and you mean everything to him. Sometimes he makes days, nights and weeks challenging but he’s got you and that’s all he needs. When he’s older he will realize all you have done for him, he will always appreciate the support and the love. You are his rock. 

Sometimes people just need to feel appriciated, the stength of there supporters, they need cheer leaders and team members. 

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