You can do this!  As I stare at myself in the mirror this morning.  

Life has been rough, loss has been tough, school has been hard and relationships crumble. 

I’ve had to use my postive self talk so much this last week or two, tell myself over and over again life goes on. This pain will end,  relationships will mend. I need to put one foot in front of the other and press on. Oh how many times I wanted to throw in the towel. Only leaning on myself for support,  testing out my on shoulder for future reference and avoiding other people’s harsh judgements. All I need is me. 

If I cannot do this, no one can. 

Lean on! 

3 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. I can relate. It’s difficult sometimes, isn’t it? Yet for better or worse we’re still here. Can’t explain why but we are. Maybe we were meant to be? Who knows.

    Hang in there. As my semicolon tattoo says “my story isn’t over yet.” Neither is yours.

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  2. Možno by bolo účinné vytvoriÅ¥ osobitnú bonz-kolonku Plagiáty a oznamovaÅ¥ a dokladovaÅ¥ tam flagrantné prípady opisovania… tiež by som niečo zo slovenskej studnice dodal.Jedina Å¡anca ako s týmto plevelom zatočiÅ¥ je výjsÅ¥ s tým na svetlo sveta.Ináč k opisovaniu dôvodových správ, nezabudnite plz, že niekto tie dôvodovky musel napísaÅ¥, a čo ak to boli práve tí puKjÃkuliºci…bristian Csach


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