You’re best isn’t good enough..

I close my eyes and imagine what it’s like to walk in your shoes. I want to know if you even realise the pain we feel, the heartache, the anger, the sadness,  the hopelessness and the betrayal. Do you feel the way our stomachs turn and crunch, weeks before we visit, talking to you,  mentioning your name. Do you hear the thoughts in our heads, telling us conflicting things like I hate you, why are we doing this, why do we try… 

We shouldn’t have to feel like this. We’ve felt like this our whole lives why do we let you make us feel like this again. Why do we let ourselves feel hope. 

You can’t get better, you don’t know how to. You can’t even see our point of view without blaming everyone else. Why is it that you feel the need to drag us in, drag us around and we have to spit ourselves out again. And again the ending always leaves us in the same spot, same sickness and the same BULLSHIT! 

#chilhood #sadness #mentalillness 

4 thoughts on “Sickness 

  1. Did you just describe my sister? And my aunt? This is creepy… But honestly, my experiences taught me there’s plenty of people who make you feel like this out there in the world, but none is actually worth all that trouble and worrying. We have it in us to try and please others, maybe even because we want acknowledgement, but sometimes the best thing to do is give up, straighten your back and practice being selectively deaf. Good luck 🙂

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