I know I know, it’s not even October yet, but gee to I ever love haloween.  It’s not even the scart stuff it’s the old kids movies like Charlie Brown and the pumpkin patch, the haloween town series, Casper, hocus pocus and many more. There is just something about halloween that my heart love, actually everything about halloween. I love dressing up, last year I was an awsome skeleton with the best face paint ever. I love decorating and see all the kids trick or treating. 

I love all of the mythical stories about all sorts of creatures and witches. 

What are you favourite things about haloween? 

17 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. We think it is crazy to do this “holloween” thing especially when done by people calling themselves “Christian” as it is rooted in paganism. Most countries don’t even have this but the handful of nations that do, also see themselves as Christian. It doesn’t add up.


  2. I think I like “The Great Pumpkin” better now than when I was a kid. The first time I’d seen it in a long time was some time after my husband and I married, and we watched it together. We laughed so hard at Snoopy, especially when he is playing Red Barron and scares Linus and Sally in the pumpkin patch.

    I also like just the whole fun of Trick-or-Treat with our daughter and her buddies. It’s so much fun!

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  3. I love Halloween, too! I am a true horror-fan and just the ambience Halloween exudes is what I love most about it. Oh, and because it’s also my birthday 🙂

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  4. I happen to love Halloween and October. It brings in cooler weather and warm memories of not only my childhood but my daughter’s. It is a time to start getting ready for the upcoming holidays and enjoy the family activities together.
    As for being a Christian, I am. I am not a judgmental and casting stones one though. I happen to be more of about love and forgiveness.
    Enjoyed your post. ✌

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