Working on not being so sensitive is extremely hard. I am a blubbering mess usually even when angry when it comes to any kind of conflict.  I do believe being sensitive is a good trait to have, but sometimes I can’t get my point across correctly, or I hide in a shell because of my teary eyes during any kind of conflict. Even if it’s not conflict; watching a show, seeing a cute old couple holding hands… 

Up until 2 years ago, I never cried at a single thing, in a matter of fact I used to have to force myself to cry or else I was a monster. Seeing my mother unconscious on the floor, hearing she has had a heart attack, even a funeral for someone I knew. 

But not now, now the tears flow like a steady river. 

I’ve been trying techniques like; 

  • Thinking about something else 
  • Looking at something distracted 
  • Telling myself to buck up 

When I become a paralegal, I need to be able to keep myself together. When I get into arguments with people close to me, I need to be able to display my true emotion and get my words out right.  Crying does not mean I am sad, I am still mad at you 

4 thoughts on “Sensitive. 

  1. I think I’m a mixture of what you are talking about. I tend not to have any empathy or sympathy for anything and yet, my eyes get a bit watery when I see a cute dog or an old couple. I think the best thing is, it’s okay to be sensitive but at the same time, we gotta ‘buck up’ as you said.

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