Silence speaks the truth.

When there is no noise, my mind creates instead. 

Especially going through the hard time that I seem to walking through right now, quiet is the worst. When I am laying in bed at night my mind thinks of the scariest demons and goes into the darkest places. The hardest part is when there is a room full of people, and silence occurs, I get so exhausted battling the monsters in my own head. 

22 thoughts on “Silence speaks the truth.

  1. My daughter finds the quiet at night frightening as her mind goes in circles driving her nuts. We discuss it often. Coloring and journaling help. Also having a good- night conversation to close out the day helps her.

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  2. Read a wonderful novel something that elicits a positive feeling and will get those negative thoughts off your head…and pray. They always work! ☺
    (Sometimes I also watch a series of “winnie the pooh”, I tell you they’re quite relaxing because of it’s “Tao” style…but you can make that the least of your options! 😊)

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  3. Good luck fighting those monsters – they’re annoying little buggers, but you CAN fight them. Just got to show them who’s boss 🙂 Thank you for following my blog – it’s much appreciated.

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  4. Silence is a double edged sword that at times is capable of inflicting the most potent of tortures and then there are times that don’t occur very often when silence can be a powerful ally. Especially when dealing with the outside world…

    Beautifully written.

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  5. I totally get that feeling… I actually want to get “sometimes quiet is violent” tattooed on me somewhere. I virtually always have headphones on. I can’t handle a lack of noise.

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  6. “No man is an island.”
    There’s a proverb for you.
    When I was younger – I remember going through the same thing – in hindsight my youthful troubles were nowhere near as bad as what other people go through, but I remember I used to always share my experience with others.
    It helps a lot – having people to experience your moments with.
    Hope everything works out of you.


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