Silence speaks the truth.

When there is no noise, my mind creates instead. 

Especially going through the hard time that I seem to walking through right now, quiet is the worst. When I am laying in bed at night my mind thinks of the scariest demons and goes into the darkest places. The hardest part is when there is a room full of people, and silence occurs, I get so exhausted battling the monsters in my own head. 


22 thoughts on “Silence speaks the truth.

  1. Read a wonderful novel something that elicits a positive feeling and will get those negative thoughts off your head…and pray. They always work! ☺
    (Sometimes I also watch a series of “winnie the pooh”, I tell you they’re quite relaxing because of it’s “Tao” style…but you can make that the least of your options! 😊)

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  2. Good luck fighting those monsters – they’re annoying little buggers, but you CAN fight them. Just got to show them who’s boss 🙂 Thank you for following my blog – it’s much appreciated.

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  3. Silence is a double edged sword that at times is capable of inflicting the most potent of tortures and then there are times that don’t occur very often when silence can be a powerful ally. Especially when dealing with the outside world…

    Beautifully written.

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  4. I totally get that feeling… I actually want to get “sometimes quiet is violent” tattooed on me somewhere. I virtually always have headphones on. I can’t handle a lack of noise.

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  5. “No man is an island.”
    There’s a proverb for you.
    When I was younger – I remember going through the same thing – in hindsight my youthful troubles were nowhere near as bad as what other people go through, but I remember I used to always share my experience with others.
    It helps a lot – having people to experience your moments with.
    Hope everything works out of you.


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