You before I.  

Why is it always you before I.  

You get your plate first, you get to pick first,  you get to go first,  you can have a lazy day, you can choose, you can go out. 

And it’s always 

I will do that, I’ll clean that up, I’ll put that away, I’ll pick that up on my way, I’ll cook that, I’ll plan dinner, I’ll feed the pets, I’ll wash the laundry. 

Why do the good things always come after you! 

I need better I’s, more fun I’s, more me I’s. 

I need to start with me,  do me, choose me, give to me,  be me, and make myself happy! 

9 thoughts on “You before I.  

  1. So true. As a mother and a wife…I feel we are still in the dark ages, with me getting the bigger burden of taking care of the kids and their lives and feeding the family….leaving no time for other finer things in life. Or working for myself. Yes, men work at the office, but they are by themselves..they don’t have to take care of 4 other lives. I would love few days, just being by myself..and doing things for me..or someone doing things for me..especially cooking for me…after mom passed away..never happened again…

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