I am not one to believe in zodiac’s and horoscopes but when I read this,my mind traveled. 

My sign is cancer. One of my big borderline issues is my lack of understanding oneself and my identity.  I always question and ponder the fact that I mutate myself to my boyfriend. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, most times I hate it. No because I don’t want to be like him,  but I feel it’s just not who I want to be, it’s an awful cycle.

 I read the addiction for cancer zodiac possibly being addicted to another person and my jaw dropped. My other issue is that I constantly need my significant other to be happy and satisfied even if that means I am not. I give in way to easy, I change my plans, and maybe even my identity, one of the many mysteries of me. 

11 thoughts on “Zodiac

  1. Eerie, is it not? Mine is sort of correct: for a long time I used to be addicted to online gaming D:
    Who knows, maybe this zodiac thing ain’t so wrong, after all. In every case, though, it’s good you realise you do this. If you want to change something, acknowledging the “problem” is the first step. It’s great you are so kind to others, but don’t forget about yourself 🙂


  2. If it is correct, it is just random coincidence. Out of seven billion people, there have to be a few hits. Ignore this crap, rather talk to the One who made the stars and created you so unique that there isn’t another exactly like you, not even in the populations of six earths. As for me and my wife, born months apart, the above are wayy off.

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