Time for granted. 

I’ve never lost someone dear to me, and it hurts. I think about her all the time,  I wear your jewelry and keychain as if you are walking beside me. I cant see you there, beside me but he can, the one that may or may not have chosen to take you away from this life.  I am not the biggest believer in God,  but I try especially being so angry that he took you away. Though sometimes I get a feeling that your there, with me, making sure I am still laughing, and I think deep down he is responsible for that. 

I am going to be strong, tell stories about you that will make everyone laugh, I am going to support those who are suffering more then me. We all need to come together and heal, Maybelle always enjoyed gatherings, and she would have wanted that.  

#time #mentalhealth #live 

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