Before you try and lose another pound, look inside yourself and see what you are trying to gain. 

Eating has always been an enemy of mine,ever since I’ve been diagnosed with bulimia when I was 14 it has been a battle. I have always been an emotional eater, still do this day as I’ve conquered most of my bulimia demons, I still struggle.  

This summer I made myself a goal to make a healthy life style change, I hate the word diet, it never works. Getting into the habit of making healthier choices about food has been a journey. I’ve never been exposed to the kales, avacados or quinwas of the world. Although I still know what vegetables are and I do love some of them, learning about other recipes and other healthier choices has really opened my eyes. I do love to cook which has made it easier on me. 

When I first started this I decided to write down some reasons why I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle besides wanting to be thin, as I learned in therapy thin is not a necessity to happiness. These are the reasons I came up with. 

  • Confidence, doesn’t just come from being thinner. Eating bad food makes me feel bad.
  •  As I eat healthier I feel better on the inside, less bloating, less stomach aches, less headaches.  
  • I want to be able to get the proper nutritional components of many food items. 
  • Exercise, if I thin down I will be more confident to go back to gym, I will be more comfortable in my own skin. 
  • Lastly, clothing, there is so many wonderful items of clothing out there. Not many plus size outfits are what I would consider for my fashion wardrobe. 


#weightlose #belimia #confidence 

4 thoughts on “Pounds. 

  1. Good for you! Your motives are earnest and positive, I wish you the best with achieving your goal. And who knows, if you experiment with veggies you might be surprised at what you find you like 🙂

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  2. Engrave your thoughts on your mind, refrigerator, wherever–wise insights. I’ve been “thin” (I’ve never thought so) for over 20 years, 1/3 of my life–do the math, and I still have to remind myself of every one of the thoughts in your post. Don’t give up, it does get easier, and if you make a poor choice for one meal or miss a workout–forget it and get back on track. Good luck to you. If it were easy, everyone would be thin, fit and healthy.


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