Being alone. 

Its not that I want to be alone. It’s that if I love someone and it fells apart, I might not make it. If you shape your life around  that person, and it does fall apart and you feel like dying. It’s the differance that scares me, between love and death, death ends. The hurting could last forever. 

13 thoughts on “Being alone. 

  1. Brings up the age-old existential question: is it better to love and lose or never love at all?

    (Personally, I’m in the “better never to love at all” camp, hence I’m the stereotypical lifelong bachelor.)

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  2. Being alone is only good for a reason & for a short term, we need company most of the time as human because significance and connection in form of love and belonging are basic human needs. so don’t let the fear of what may happen daunt you; all we need is self compassion…

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  3. I understand exactly what you mean. I used to be in love once, well, my version of what love was, and it fell apart and it hurt. A lot. But it didn’t last. The hurt doesn’t last. It may feel like forever but eventually, it passes.

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  4. Being wounded heals when it comes to love. Death is final. The inbetween is the risk taking. Once true love is found it is made perfect and feels so right. If it falls apart you take another risk and don’t let fear win so you are alone. Aloneness is more painful and a disorder.

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