The wound is the place where the light  enters you. 

I have had many wounds, I still have some which are just covered by a thin layer of skin and some that are exposed to the world right now. 

My deepest most scared wounds are lit up by my father’s encouragement, support and fight. He fought for me at my worst. Whenever I have a really bad cut I think of how much he believes in me, gives me strength, and if I fail or need a hand up he is always there. Also in the most recent times my boyfriend is a tremendous support, he has gotten me through a lot as well. Another big thing is there are some people in my life right now, and people that have passed away that give me strength, there struggle is and was far worse then mine.  

My less deep, less daunting wounds have been lit, and keep being lit by my own encouragement; I’ve gotten through so much already and I can do this. There’s a thing damaged peoplease wear around its like a cloak, certain things just obsorb into you, you’ve been down that road, fought that battle. People fight differant fights differantly, to some people it’s not a fight at all.

 Keep the light shinning. 

#support #love

8 thoughts on “Light

  1. Beautiful. This post made me smile. 🙂 I’m thankful too for the support people have given me in harder times and I try to do the same thing for them.

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