MTG and Love. 

MTG most people don’t know what this stands for, or have a differant meaning then I do. MTG in my world stands for Magic The Gathering, my boyfriend has introduced me. Let me tell you, 5 years ago I would have never batted an eye at such a game, probably ro be honest would have judge those who play calling them nerds. 

This is a card game that has been going on for well a long time.  There are differant types called formats like Standard, Modern, Legacy and so on. It has all differant types of decks like elves, eldrazi and much more. I have grown to like this game. 

The biggest reason why I opened my mind to such a game was to support my boyfriends hobbies and do stuff that he likes to do rather then shut it down. 

It makes him so happy when I support and join in, in his hobbies. 

Open youre minds, try something new,make people smile.