Fire in her soul. 

Hey you! Ya you, the one that makes her feel so little and un loved all the time. In everyone else’s eyes she is amazing, beautiful and strong, but not to you. You are the one that is supposed to love her the most. You have broke her down, you’ve made her weak. We all know how strong she usually is. And we all know the pain you put her through,  you think your invincible but your not. One day your karma will come, crashing down around you. You will find yourself standing alone in the darkness, and truth is I can’t wait. 

She is brilliant, her soul shines through her like fire. She is beautiful like the northern lights. She has a heart, filled with the hundred people she’s cared for. If only she had the love she deserved. You don’t deserve her. 

The problem is you! Not her.

 Her soul will combust and leave you in ashes. 

#love #pain #ashes

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