Cleaning anxiety  

Why! Why me, I get so worked up about cleaning sometimes I can even do certain activities because I am so focused on the mess it will make. It’s weird because I even like cleaning.  My boyfriend and I always fight about this issue because he doesn’t like cleaning rarely cleans and isn’t a good cleaner. He literally makes this messyier by the minute sometimes.  

I walk away and take deep breaths and often try to have an I don’t care attitude but it’s almost impossible. 

I don’t want to be like this, it screws up my whole day. 
Bad days, are only has bad as you let them be. Tomorrow is a new day. 

4 thoughts on “Cleaning anxiety  

  1. I know this battle all too well. I used to be exactly like that.

    I knew my husband wasn’t particularly neat when we got together. And I have two boys who are still learning how to clean properly and thoroughly.

    Countless moments were spent being anxious about cleaning & organizing. I’d ask myself “why can’t they just do it the way I want?!?!”

    Then it hit me: We see things differently, therefore, we do things differently. Our minds operate differently. And it begs to question: “Is my way really better?”

    I had to celebrate the efforts made to help. I had to compromise- I’d rather them make the effort than let me do everything all alone all of the time.

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