Father’s Day

Happy father’s day dad. You are my biggest support, my back bone and literally the reason I am still alive and stable at the young age of 22. 

You have helped me overcome my demons, as I struggled with BPD, being diagnosed at age 17. We have been through many battle in the court system and the mental health montrositys that people say is a system, there is no system at all. You fought for me for so long, spent alot money on me, loved me even when I didn’t want to be loved. 

I am also sorry for all the hell I put you through all the nasty things I’ve said and done. 

I will be forever thankful for your support. You’ve taught me how to have tolerance, humour, bravery, to fight for what I believe in. As I spend this fathers day with you outside doing yard work and I couldn’t feel more blessed. 

I love you millions. 

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