What is love?

Its like fighting myself.
What a learnt when I grew up.
What sacrifices do you make for love, when is moving on necesary even though it’s killing you.
Feeling stuck, and uncertain of which direction to go. Even though you’ve always felt like this. My constant identity issues, have me believe that I am never going to find myself.  The quote does say love yourself before you can love anyone else. What is that magical feeling of love people talk about? Is it real? Do people convince themselves that it’s a fairytale because everyone loves fairytales. It’s so important these days to be in a perfect relationship. Once it’s a bit damaged, it just gets broken. So what’s the point anyways. 
Sometimes I think I’ll never be as strong as I am now.
Maybe I should take the risk.
I just can’t deal with falling over the edge, even though I am always looking down. 
Will I ever have the answers?
What is love anyways…

7 thoughts on “What is love?

  1. The definition of love in Buddhism is a heartfelt desire for others to be happy.
    This love is unconditional and requires a lot of courage and acceptance (including self-acceptance).
    The close relative that many confuse with love is something that seems similar, but causes much pain and suffering in the world, is conditional or self-interested love which is based on fulfilling ones own needs and problems and is based on attachment.
    Attachment is an exaggerated feeling of not wanting to be separated from someone or something.

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  2. “When is moving on necessary even though it’s killing you?” It never feels like the right time…but when you can’t breathe anymore, and the pain is only…pain, it becomes the only option.

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