I am a warrior, who excels at fighting her own mind. I often dwell in the darkness, because I am a little weaker sometimes. It take a lot more strength to over come obstacles these days, some say get over it and just be happy. For some it’s not that easy, it’s like untangling a web that is all interconnected with no start and no end. Some days I am at a high, forever greatful to feel alive. Roller coasters are normal for me. I still persevere and roll on, see some light at the end of every

tunnel no matter how long it takes no matter how many break I take to breath. My biggest supporters cheering me on,why do I bite the hands that feed me. Little do I know when this tunnel ends, one starts over again. Am I fighting the same battles every time, I get so lost I forget why. Why am I trudging in water so deep, just to keep my head from sinking.  Please keep breathing..


#bpd #keepswimming 

11 thoughts on “BPD.

  1. Remember that each battle you have been there before and the time it takes to get over it gets shorter. We can never erase difficulties its learning how to deal with it better. You and I are both fighters and never give up. Like the web theory its very true abd indeed breath laugh and have a good cry and shout. X

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  2. Please keep swimming. I’m right next to you. BPD ain’t no walk in the park. I can now say I’ve been living with it for 25 years 😩 is exhausting but keep moving forward hun xx


  3. This is amazing! I have just started a blog on what every day life is like having BPD and honestly, I can relate so much! Keep breathing no matter how many battles life may throw at you! 🙂 x

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  4. This speaks to me on a personal level I get what your going through it’s tough. I’m glad your still fighting the good fight. If you need you have a shield here. If you want you have a defense here we all appreciate you and hope you good will.


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